“That’s nice,” he says, and goes back  into his room and comes out a minute later wearing his bathrobe, for modesty she supposes, with his own mother. You think of all the times you changed their  diapers and gave them a bath and then one day you’re shut out. It’s a summer weight robe, purply paisley, that reminds her of what  rich people used  to wear in movies when she was a girl. Robes, smoking jackets, top hats and white ties, folowing white gowns if you were Ginger Rogers, up to your chin in ostrich feathers or was it white fox? Young people now don’t have that to live up to, to stive toward, the rock stars jut wear dirty blue jeans and even the baseball players, she has noticed  looking over Harry’s shoulder at the television, don’t bother to shave, like the Arab terrorists. When she was a girl nobody had money but people had dreams.”

–John Updike (1990). Rabbit at Rest.


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