Black Swans

I know. I know.  I haven’t posted in ages. But here I am, back again. This time, it’s about swans — the kind N. Taleb writes about in his best-seller, Black Swans. As he explains, until the discovery of Australia, nobody in the Western world imagined that swans could be anything but white. But there it was — a black swan — the single confounding instance that disproved the generalization.

In my life, the Black Swan was my wife, Liz, dying of a brain tumor at 28. Going down on a Wednesday, being rushed to UCLA hospital from our West L.A. apartment, and my hearing an hour later that she had an inoperable brain tumor. She died on Sunday.

So I do have experience with the utterly unthought of, unimagined, improbable and unfair.

Not that there aren’t happy instances of Black Swans — google is one, according to Taleb.  But, then again, so is 9-11.


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