Top 40

As a digital immigrant (“What a country!”), the vast space of the blogosphere can also be sliced and diced into the Top 40, or Top 10. The fastest growing blogs run the gamut from cool cartoons and random rants (aided by in-your-face cartoons) to racier stuff.

Rather humbling, really. It reminds me of when I was a kid in summer camp and there was this big slab of rock we’d sit on sometimes late at night and look up at the utterly black and starry starry night sky so far from the light-polluted city. In August, there’d be shooting stars.

Not surprisingly, celebrity bloggers draw 100,000 views. My blog stats look like one of those New Yorker cartoons where the goofy CEO is holding a pointer to a downhill-racing profit chart. Which, come to think of it, is pretty much the stuff of everyday news now.

My wife ( has stimulus fatigue. It’s got to be going around. All those bearded economists — Krugman, Reich, Bernanke. Enough. Good, God: Shave, already!


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