Twitter Messiah

I started teaching college almost 40 years ago chalking and talking. In my mid-twenties, I was the age of the undergrads, give or take. After a few sidebars in the Real World, I returned to academia double the age of the students. These days, the age multiplier is three, and given the sorry state of my 401K, I can see the writing on my Facebook Wall: 4x.

My retirement plan: Feet first.

Which is why I’ve learned to write in 140  characters or less. My retirement is a re-tweet.

But more than that. I’ve become a twitter messiah, assigning, persuading, herding  students into twitterdom. Blogs, I hear, are another tech disposable. This one, as well.

I see I’ve gone well over the character limit. (Good friends might say I exceeded that limit long ago.)

So it’s time for a song (as I anticipate the Oscar medley this evening).

Rourke, Winslet, Slumdog, Adams, Springsteen, Boyle. There you have my picks (you needn’t have asked).


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