Welcome to the Light

Once upon a time in the Seventies, I wrote a long poem called Gathering the Light.  Now, thanks to digital technology,  I can use the title of that book as the name of a new blog.

Gathering the Light chapbook, 1976

Gathering the Light chapbook, 1976

Back in the proverbial day, I co-published a little poetry magazine called openspaces. In the preface I wrote, “There is no use pretending we live in a closed ‘poetic’ world in which we do not need to know what is going on about us and then think we can invent poetry.”  An open space, windowless. A dream concerning the business of imagination. . . .”

We live in windowless times, now — a space so public, so imaginative, so full of dreams that I have awakened to discover that I can hardly find my way around it. And this is why I’ve decided to do what’s necessary: to gather the light.

In a way, the light I gathered many years ago was morning light. Now, thanks to my wife, Delia Cabe‘s eye for the new, digitally open spaces, I am beginning to gather the light of the afternoon — not my light but the light of a revolutionary new day.



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3 responses to “Welcome to the Light

  1. how nice. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Nice to serve as your guide as you embark on your new writing voyage!

  3. Way to go Dr. Rob. Good way to start 2009!

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